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Antimicrobial Technologies

Steril Guard is recognized worldwide as a supplier and innovator in materials science and technology. Steril Guard manufactures and provides effective & proven organosilane and metal-organic compounds-based solutions that offer instant and persistent antiseptic and antimicrobial protection.
Safe & Effective

Advance Odor
Management Solutions

The market demands long-lasting odor control for heavy-duty sports and outdoor clothing, shoes, and personal care. The Steril Guard Odor Management Technologies reduces the deposition of odor components, contributing to significantly better comfort.
Advance Odor Management Solutions
Advance Odor Management Solutions

A new pandemic productivity hack

The virus could permanently change the way people think about government, community, travel, work, shopping, and open spaces. The biggest impact coronavirus could have is on the way millions of people behave in the future. Conventional disinfectants are formulated to kill upon application that does not keep killing harmful pathogens after they dry. Discover how Steril Guard Solutions create persistent sanitation for your living places that help prevents re-infection, lessening the risk of transmission of viruses, bacteria, germs, and more.
A new way to sanitize your living places

Our Applications

Steril Guard is a simple, effective & proven solution that gives the surfaces in your living spaces long-lasting protection, preventing the spread and growth of bacteria for up to 90 days. The Awareness of Hygiene Concepts at home, work, restaurants, cafes, public transportation is growing. Steril Guard makes an all-inclusive solution possible.
Best long-lasting hygiene


The home environment offers excellent living conditions for bacteria, mildew, mold & dust mites. Unpleasant odors, stains, allergies, and asthma can all be results of a microbe infestation in your home. With the Steril Guard, antimicrobial hygiene solution you can hinder the colonization and spread of bacteria and other microorganisms for textiles like upholstery, carpets, curtains, air-conditioners, artificial leather, countertops, and door handles, towels, shower curtains, furniture, humidifiers, and other household utensils.
Ultimate long-lasting sanitation solutions


Proven best available protection against bacterias, viruses, odor, fungus, and other microbes for creating better Hygiene in Public Buildings like schools, airports, pools and fitness centers, hospitals, shopping centers, office buildings, and hotels as well as your workspace can benefit from Steril Guard solutions.